Coletta Hargis: About

Coletta Hargis is an experienced Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OB/GYN) based in Berkeley, California.  She is an attending physician at Alta Bates Medical Center, where she is the leader of a high-risk Critical Action Team, carefully hand-picked based on diverse skill sets, dedicated to dealing with high-risk childbirth emergencies.  Through this work, Coletta Hargis regularly takes part in high-stress, fast-paced medical emergencies, where the ability to keep a cool head and work quickly is a necessity to the highest degree.  Such procedures that Dr. Hargis and her team regularly perform include administering epidural and spinal anesthesia, performing C-sections and resuscitating babies in the OR.

Medical Pro Coletta Hargis
OB/GYN Coletta Hargis

On a regular basis, Coletta Hargis and her colleagues need to work at a rapid pace to save the baby during childbirth, often during extremely short periods of time.  A typical scene involves doctors running down the hallways and anesthesiologists operating at top speed.  Such procedures that Dr. Hargis and her team regularly perform include administering epidermal needles, performing C-sections and resuscitating babies on the spot.  Because everybody in house is working 24-7, Coletta Hargis and her team have a high response time for their high-risk OB cases, allowing them to save more babies in the process.  In smaller hospitals, where the entire team isn’t all assembled, the response time is typically lower.  Every year, Coletta Hargis and her team facilitate around 7,000 births.

Once the baby is born, they’re in good hands at the state-of-the-arts Alta Bates Medical Center.  The center offers comprehensive services, designed to meet the health care needs of the Oakland area.  For over 100 years now, they have been dedicated to providing exceptional services across all fields, including OB/GYN.  Alta Bates is a Level 3 Nursery, the highest possible level of care for Obstetrics.  Level 3 Nurseries have Neonatologists in house, as well as the top technology for dealing with premature births.  Because of this, Alta Bates is a referral center for all high-risk OB in the East Bay area.